A Guys Guide To Shaving

22 11 2006

Jumping right into it, It never ceases to amaze me the lack of knowledge people have about their skin and how it works. I think because there are so many messages sent to our brains about new “it” ingredients and technologies that we have just lost an interest in understanding because it all seems very complicated. In short, it’s not complicated at all if you just know some basics.

One segment of this amazement comes from my male friends who come up with some of the darnedest grooming habits ever. Let me let you in on a little secret…. bar soap (most brands) is not good for your skin let alone the skin on your face. And just because a product gets the job done does not mean that it’s good for the skin in doing so. Lack of proper grooming may be getting you through but its not going to prevent the skin from aging or even looking lackluster and dull.

Following you will find some “basics” for shaving. Of course, these basics will recommend Destination Nation products because I personally know and can speak on the integrity and ingredients of the line.I will, in future blogs, talk more about ingredients and grooming pitfalls.

A Guy’s Guide to Shaving

1. Gather Your Equipment
Selecting the right razor is a matter of personal preference which you may incur a trial and error period. Make sure you have a sharp razor as shaving with a dull blade will inflame your skin.

2. Cleanse
This doesn’t mean grabbing the ordinary hand soap. Most soap can dry out and irritate the skin. Use a gentle foaming facial cleanser [I recommend Destination Nation Outer Banks Facial Cleanser – http://www.destination-nation.com with warm water or cleanse in the shower as the warmth will soften the beard and increase blade longevity.

3. Exfoliate
This is one of the most overlooked yet important steps of shaving. Use a Pre-Shave Exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells and lift the hair for a super close shave. Exfoliation will also help with the prevention of ingrown hairs and give your skin a nice healthy look. Be sure to use a mild exfoliator as a course scrub can damage your skin and create microscopic damage. I recommend Destination Nation Napa Valley Pre-Shave Exfoliator.

4. Lubricate
Your razor will need to easily glide across the skin without scraping. Avoid using a shaving product that foams up. The common ingredient that makes many drug store brands foam is Sodium Laurel Sulfate which is harmful to the skin. You may recognize the name as the industrial degreasing agent found in your garage floor cleaner. Allow your shaving oil to set idle on the skin for about a minute before proceeding to help soften the hair. For this step I highly recommend Destination’s Everglades Shaving Oil. This product works as a shaving cream does but instead of drying the skin, it provides the essential slip and glide with nourishing oils that allow you to see where you are shaving. And no worries if you have oily skin, the product is specially formulated to help regulate oil production so this little bit of oil will actually help oily skin.

5. Shave Away
Involve both hands in this process using one to hold the razor and the other to stretch and hold the skin taught. Stretching the skin and grimacing in the mirror will prevent the skin from being pinched by the blades. Shave carefully, applying only as much pressure as needed. Rinse the blade often as hair on the blade will interfere with the shave. Go S-L-O-W-L-Y using a thirty degree angle. Go with the grain first. Begin with the easy areas first and then move on to the neck, chin and lip. The hair does not grow in the same direction on the cheeks as it does on the chin and neck. Shave with short precise strokes but refrain from going over and over the same area. For a closer shave, you can make a second pass going against the grain of the hair.

6. Say Your Sorry
Applying a post-shaving product like Destination Gulf Coast Post Shave will help to soothe your skin and tell it you’re sorry for threatening it with a razor. Avoid the old school aftershave products that have an extreme cooling effect on the skin as they often contain alcohols which can be detrimentally drying on the skin. Instead, opt for a skin soother that helps calm irritation and prevents ingrown hairs.

7. Moisturize
To maintain healthy moisturized skin, it is imperative that you moisturize daily, especially after shaving. Destination’s Big Easy Facial Moisturizer is the perfect product for guys that are new to the facial moisturizer arena. Similar to the shaving oil, the formula has been designed to regulate oil production in the skin and it’s lightweight oil content will leave your skin moisturized without feeling greasy.

8. Clean Up
Men spend around 1.7 billion dollars per year on razors and razor blades. With the cost of razors as they are, it is imperative to get the most from your razor blade. Following the following steps can easily double the life of your razor.

After shaving, thoroughly rinse the razor blade. To stop the oxidation process which dulls the sharp edges of the blade, immerse the razor head in mineral oil. You can find mineral oil (commonly referred to as baby oil) in any drugstore.

Before you use the razor again, use rubbing alcohol to wash away the mineral oil and allow the alcohol to evaporate away. This is a very important step as both mineral oil and alcohol are not good for the skin.

I hope this helps.




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