How to be a Man: Fixing the Toilet

14 12 2006

This isn’t another long winded “put the toilet seat down” rant.

You know that little black flap within the toilet is one of those ingenious inventions that doesn’t quite get the brilliance award that it deserves. Its one of those things we don’t even think about until its not working.

So recently, mine stopped working and in true girl fashion, i polished my nails and then located the closest guy I could find and asked “can you fix it?”. Than I asked about ten other guys I knew. To my dismay, the overall answer was no! So I got on the handy dandy internet and figured out how to do it myself – which, for the record, is really the way I get most things done around the house.

If one of my guy friends would have known this, he would have been my hero and it’s actually such a simple thing… you go to the hardware store, get the parts and within a few minutes wallah!

It was this blog that inspired me and clued me in that yes, I could really pull it off myself:
Unless it’s cracked or ugly: don’t replace that old toilet, fix it! – Kudos to this guy and his “potty mouth”

and don’t forget to wash your hands when you’re done!




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