12 01 2007

There are few things more disgusting than a man with messed up, dirty fingernails. Evan in our office experienced his first professional manicure this week which brought up several questions around the office and it occurred to me that most men view manicures as something frivolous that ends in a fancy coat of red nail polish. Allow me to bust that myth… a manicure, if performed correctly is about cleaning the nails, shaping the nails and cleaning up the cuticles. A good manicure will leave the hands looking neat and groomed and to top it off, manicures involve massage of the hands and forearms.

If you can’t muster up the courage to go get one done professionally, or prefer to do all the manual labor yourself, you should at least have the right tools to do one at home. J.A. Henkels, the world renown manufacturer of kitchen knives, has just introduced a great Zwilling Stainless Steel Nail Clipper available at Nordstroms. -amy




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