Desert Sounds

22 01 2007

There are those times where every blog you read is blogging about the same thing. Take that iphone for example. I hate to be one of those bloggers especially on my introductory post but here it is any way. This year’s Coachella.
Coachella is the music fest that kicks off all other music fest. It pretty much has all the acts that were the big buzz last year and all the acts people will be talking about this year. It also has mostly something for everyone. If you can afford the tickets, the airfare, the hotel, the food then do it. If not just write down the names of the flyer search myspace music or amazon or itunes and keep your eyes open in your local venues. These are the bands worth mentioning this year. Also check it out, Rage against the machine, jesus and mary chain, ghostface….
-markus g




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