Minty Fresh

26 01 2007

My name is Amy and I am a product-aholic. I have will buy and try practically every health and beauty product that comes to market.

At the end of last summer I was on an “oral care binge” and I found myself uncontrollably buying every brand and flavor of toothpaste available. I’ll admit, I got a little caught up in the Breath Palette brand which offers a huge array of flavors with everything from Indo Curry to Pumpkin Pudding but when it comes down to it, I brush my teeth for a clean feeling mouth, not to satisfy my food cravings. So what’s my ultimate toothpaste you ask? Well, that would be Marvis Toothpaste. Imported from Italy, this toothpaste is a long-time European favorite that provides all of the dental hygiene, tooth and gum care you need with delicious flavor. My personal favorite is the Aquatic Mint but the Ginger Mint packs a pretty powerful cleansing punch as well. Really, there isn’t a flavor I didn’t like…. Alright…. yes, I did try them all.





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