Sneak Leak: The Shave Cream is Coming!

29 01 2007

We’ve got a lot of good things going on around the office lately that has been keeping all of us super busy. You may or may not have noticed by now but as of last week, we have updated and redesigned our MySpace page. Although the MySpace page is still a work in progress, I think the new layout is pretty sweet (if I can say so myself). The section called “Get Your Story on the Label” will be expanded and you can submit your personal travel story for a chance to be on the label of one of our products. In addition, we will be giving away a monthly product prize for the travel story we like the most. Go ahead, send us something…. and by adding us to your friends, you will be eligible to receive special discounts and offers not available anywhere else.In addition, we are working to completely update and revamp our website. We will be adding the new hair products and making the site much more user friendly and interactive. I can’t wait.

On the table right now, we have listened to what you have said and we are re-packaging a few of our products into better packaging and March 1st, we will be releasing our new Great Lakes Shave Cream. That’s right,, the much anticipated Shave Cream will finally be available. Our shave cream is an oil free formula that’s good for all skin types. Its designed to soften the hair and provide a close, clean shave without irritation. It has an invigorating rosemary mint aroma athat rinses clean and forms a comfort barrier between the razor and the skin, reducing skin drag.

We were also a sponsor at this past weekends Winter Xgames – if you were there and saw us on the Jumbotron, let us know!

We are all very excited about all of the changes and I will certainly keep you posted!





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