S(h)ave Your Life

10 02 2007

According to the BBC, research has found that shaving less than once a day could increase a men’s risk of having a stroke by about 70%.

The link between needing to shave infrequently and stroke risk emerged from a 20-year study of over 2,000 men aged 45-59. At the time the study began, in the late 70s, the prevailing trend was to be clean-shaven, so infrequent grooming is unlikely to be due to a desire for designer stubble. Researchers from the University of Bristol say it is more likely to be because a man needed to shave infrequently, due to having less testosterone in their bodies.

They were asked about their lifestyle, including shaving habits, then followed to see if they suffered strokes or other diseases.

Men with beards were not included in the study.The study also found men who shaved less regularly were at a higher risk of suffering a heart attack and less likely to be married.

See what good grooming can do for you?




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