Not Your Typical Airline Food

23 02 2007

There are a million, zillion airline miles programs out there. Pick an airline and run with it. Years ago I picked USAirways as my preferred airlines. Not because they were superior in service or anything but I found myself traveling with them the most … so I picked them – it wasn’t really an educated choice but it works.Anyways, USAirways has all sorts of programs available. The newest one that I found gives me miles when I use my debit card (or and card i designate) at participating restaurants. The best thing is, they have a ton of restaurants in their program so I don’t have to choose my dining experience on who will give me miles. Instead, I use my debit card every time I eat out and at the end of the month I am delightfully surprised at how many miles I have automatically accrued.

Basically what I am saying is pick and airline and maximize every miles opportunity they offer.

Have fun, shop, eat good food and get free tickets. Sounds like a good plan to me.

– a




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