Its a Laptop – Its Supposed to be Travel Friendly

25 02 2007

Two short weeks after I got my new computer last year, I was in L.A. traveling on business. After a long day of work, I went back to my room at The Standard Hotel, grabbed a overpriced, three dollar bottle of Orange Crush out of the mini bar and sat down near the desk to do some work. Sitting about 2-3 feet away from my new computer, I open the soda and it makes a bee line out of the bottle for the keyboard of my laptop. A mad dash for a towel ensued and in the end, I was without a working mousepad. The day it happened it was much more dramatic… my new computer, it was too late to go out and buy a mouse, I had a bunch of work I needed to get done…. All the usual suspects.

Since that night, my laptop has obviously never been the same. Something is lost when you have to unwind a mouse cord and plug it in every time you want to use the computer. In my L.A. desperation, I bought the first mouse I could find but recently I have been looking for something more portable.

I came across the MoGo Mouse X54 which is a business-card sized, 3-button Bluetooth-enabled mouse that stores and recharges neatly inside your laptop computer’s ExpressCard/54 Card slot. MoGo Mouse X54 features a patent-pending, sleek design, and the benefit of state-of-the-art ExpressCard technology. The handy center scroll pad lets you scan documents with one-finger ease.

The X54 will not be available until June 2007 – in the meantime, they have a two button version available.




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