Sopranos Finale – Much Ado About Nothing?

11 06 2007

Wow, talk about disappointment. With last weeks episode so full of guts and glory I at least thought the season wouldn’t end in the same sleeper fashion it began. There was a whole lot of build up for nothing. They may just as well have never aired the last episode. It seems like the only resolution that came to light was AJ no longer being a whiny little depressed rich boy who has everything baby… and he’s still most of that… and who cared anyway?

What did you think?




2 responses

11 06 2007
Jim Nelson

I thought my TiVo went out on me. I’m thinking they are leaving things open for a movie. As a finale, it left a lot to be desired.

11 06 2007

That’s funny because I thought the same thing about my DVR and for a second thought I would be the only one in America to miss the ending!

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