Hitting the Road & Taking It to The Streets

25 06 2007

I’m about to fly the friendly skies again tomorrow. This time I will be heading to the Pacific Northwest. My plane should land in Seattle around 11 am and then, who knows?

This is one of those kind of trips that has very little structure and planning and a whole lot of excitement and suspense. Here’s pretty much all I know…. after arriving in Seattle I will head to Ballard to enjoy some friend time. I have a few friends there yet I have no idea who I will be staying with or what we will be doing for the first few days.

After a few days, my friends and I will be boarding a bus, uhm, this bus… (wish me luck)…

and heading south down I-5 to Portland for…. you guessed it, another comic book convention..errr, I mean moped rally.

This time, the Portland branch of the Moped Army, The Puddle Cutters, will be the hosts. This is their first rally ever so I really have no idea what to expect. In addition to being able to see a lot of my friends, I think this rally will be a great opportunity to experience Portland. I know I go to a lot of rallies but I really think its a great way to experience places… and trust me, you really do experience them when you’re moving at 30 mph.

Portland Puttle Cutters

After the rally, I will spend a couple more days in Seattle before boarding that plane back to reality. I hope to get the opportunity to stop by Hotel Max during that time to check out the artwork in the lobby.

So, needless to say, I doubt I will be posting over the next week but I will be checking back here often so if you have any cool ideas of stuff to do while in Seattle or Portland (or anywhere in between) let me know.

Rest assured, I am sure I will have lots to talk about upon my return. Until then…





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