I Did Make It Back….

10 07 2007

I know it probably seems like I left for the Pacific Northwest and never returned. I am, in fact, back in Richmond. It was a long fourth of July flight back sitting near a grown man that had apparently had some digestive problems followed by delays and fuel dumping (the plane, not the man) – – – but I do have to say, it was one of the best trips ever.

I have so much to tell about my experiences but I have been super overwhelmed since my return and I am heading out again on Thursday for Chicago. I wasn’t expecting to be this busy on my return but we now have the shaving Cream and the long awaited new packaging on a few of the products – finally! And we are so, so, very close to getting the new site up.

We’ve got new products in the works…. we need your travel stories for inspiration and for the labels… send them to me!


above: the Fremont District in Seattle

Above: Delta’s New Fancy Cocktails

Above: They didn’t have one single Destee Nation t-shirt[hair not by Destination Nation- – yet]

Above: The Ballard Locks

Above: The Seattle Aquarium

Above: Team Regrets was born in Portland – And this entire summer has been part of the dubbed “Summer of Bad Decisions Tour” – I also think I set a record for the dirtiest my hair has ever been.

Above: Portland to Seattle….hippy style

Above: Big Kids, Little Cars

Above: Amusement

Above: sleep!




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