About Us

We are Destination Nation. We put this blog together to let you guys know what we’re up to while providing a comprehensive guide to all things You Guys Should Know.

It’s perfectly alright if you don’t care about all the wonderful ingredients
that go into making these products, because we do. There are four of us who started Destination, Evan, Amy, Susan and Tim and we’re based in Richmond, Virginia.

We got together to make Destination because we thought there needed to be better men’s products, ones that were made from the best ingredients but weren’t too difficult to use. We made our products to really work, be enjoyable to use and not need a rigid regime you have to get up early for.

We spent a year or so perfecting the formulas, trying them out on ourselves and our fiends (but never their pets). The travel idea came about because we thought all the products should smell different from each other (quite a radical thought, it turned out). We made them and then thought, this smells like and places kept popping into our heads.

Plus we knew you’d be more likely to think about adventure in the shower, than what’s in our products.


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