Have You Heard???

11 08 2007

In a sea of useless, “everybody wants to be a star” podcasts, we have found this little gem. We have quite possibly found the best talk radio podcast out there and we might just be addicted. There’s nothing mediocre about it. Listen for yourself….


Art Basel is Coming! June 13th – 17th

7 06 2007

Courtesy MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel/Zurich) AGThe art world Olympics known as Art Basel will be storming Basel Switzerland again next week. Art 38 Basel takes place from June 13 – 17, 2007 and features about 300 leading art galleries from 30 countries on all continents. Art Basel is the world’s premier modern and contemporary art fair. 20th- and 21st-century art works by over 2’000 artists will be on display. 55’000 art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators and art lovers attend the annual meeting place of the art community.

I will be there only in my dreams but if you are going, let me know, I would love to hear about it!

Photo: Courtesy MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel/Zurich) AG

Around the office….

4 06 2007

We have this joke about the razor industry and their relentless attempts to add more and more blades in creating the ultimate razor. If by ultimate they mean highest priced, they just may be succeeding but I believe anything beyond three blades is pretty uncalled for and a waste of money. So, this cartoon from The New Yorker entitled Crap From The Future really made my day.

Paul Frank and TreestitchDesign.com

6 03 2007

Did you know Paul Frank got kicked out of his own company?

And he can’t even use his own “Paul Frank” name! Now he has to roll as Paul Frank Surich. His new site is treestitchdesign.com

I think I wept just a little.

What Better Way to Start Your Day?

3 02 2007

Fun day Everyday!If the winter weather’s got you down, or you just need a little morning motivation, these Self Esteem Cereal Bowls are up your alley.

These hand painted., lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe bowls serve up a big, cool dish of self esteem.


Reverse It

31 01 2007

Cleaning up seems to be catching on. Reverse graffiti, the process of cleaning dirt, debris and soot from public tunnels and walls to create a new form a graffiti has really grabbed a strong foothold. The original brain-child of British graffiti artist known as Moose, others have been quick to grab their shoe brushes and cleaning supplies to create some work of their own.

Ridiculously, this city clean up is still considered a crime. I think it’s an interesting twist on the general public’s perception of graffiti and it certainly “reverses” all opposition to public displays of art. It’s refacing not defacing. How many times have we heard the graffiti opposition “We need to keep our city clean”? In this case, if you keep your city clean, you can avoid it. Some of these pieces wash away years and years of grime… to get rid of it, clean the rest of the surface.

Let’s get cleaning.

Did Any of You Score?

28 01 2007

I am curious if any of you out there were able to get your hands on one of the 500 copies of ALL GONE BOOK. I’d like to hear what your thoughts are.





All Gone is a self proclaimed “bible for the streetwise” that pays homage to 180 collectors products that launched during 2006 to include sneakers, designer toys, tees, skates and collectibles. From the pictures, it looks like a beautifully executed book featuring A bathing ape, Alife, Amos, Clot, Crooks & Castles, DC Shoes, Futura Laboratories, Huf, Ice Cream, Jordan, Medicom Toy, Nike, OriginalFake, Revolver, SBTG, Silly Thing, Supreme and Undefeated to name just a few.


And, it features original artwork from KAWS, Futura, Delta, Michael Lau and James Jarvis.





All 500 copies are gone! Please let me know if you scored one… I’m jealous.