Back in Seat 1A

12 07 2007

I’m packed and ready to go! Okay, let’s be honest, I never actually unpacked, I just pulled my dirty clothes out and washed them but regardless, I will be getting on a Chicago bound plane in the morning.

On the agenda: Irazu Oatmeal Shake (in case I haven’t mentioned this 1000 times, nothing compares), Millenium Park, the Pitchfork Music Festival and Flosstradamus / Chromeo afterparty, the Beach (aka Lake Michigan) and whatever other adventure I can find!
This will be my first time (I think ever) flying United. I will try my best to keep you posted!


Really Cruel or Really Thoughtless…

26 06 2007

Eerie Feeling. I don’t know if Delta Airlines is aware of it but their boarding music today while I was getting on my flight from Atlanta to Seattle was the theme music from the HBO series Six Feet Under. I am sure that was really comforting to anyone that may have been afraid to fly. Was it a joke? An oversite?

I do have to give Delta some credit though. I an attempt to gain a market advantage, they have made a few minor changes and are expected to place monitors in all of their seat head rests so everyone can clearly view the in-flight movie. In addition, and perhaps the thing I a the most excited about, Delta has teamed up with Randy Gerber of Midnight Oil Campany to create what they call Midnight Sky, a new signature cocktail program exclusivly for Delta.

I can’t wait to try the "Mile High Mojito", a passion fruit mojito. 

Cool Food Dude

27 02 2007

Sometimes, when you’re overcome by illness and have no other choice but to spend your day bundled up and sipping soup. You might also spend that sick day watching a lot of television like I did last evening. I was pleasantly suprised that the Travel Channel has an amazing new show “Bizare Foods with Andrew Zimmern“. The show seems like a brain child between the Travel Channel and the Food Network, following Zimmern to a regional location and watching him visit interesting sites and eating even more interesting foods.

The best thing about the show is Zimmern. He is larger frame man with bald head (i’ll have to send him a Destination-Nation Gift Box with the Route 95 New England Bald Head Wash) that has an iron stomach and he’s not pretentious or cocky about easting any of the bizarre items he comes across. And he comes across some very amazing foods in the episode I viewed he bit the head of a WHOLE fried baby chicken.Not all the food is one the Fear Factor vibe some of it is simple as those little shrimp chips you see in asian markets and wondered to yourself “people eat this?”. The show focuses on the region featured foods but also shows some of the regions interesting sites. Zimmern took viewiers to an underground river that reminded of yet another product carried by destination-nation (the devil’s icebox hairpaste).

For more info on the show visit the travel channel website here:Bizarre foods website.
For more information on Zimmern and his story is very interesting here:article on zimmern.
– mg

Not Your Typical Airline Food

23 02 2007

There are a million, zillion airline miles programs out there. Pick an airline and run with it. Years ago I picked USAirways as my preferred airlines. Not because they were superior in service or anything but I found myself traveling with them the most … so I picked them – it wasn’t really an educated choice but it works.Anyways, USAirways has all sorts of programs available. The newest one that I found gives me miles when I use my debit card (or and card i designate) at participating restaurants. The best thing is, they have a ton of restaurants in their program so I don’t have to choose my dining experience on who will give me miles. Instead, I use my debit card every time I eat out and at the end of the month I am delightfully surprised at how many miles I have automatically accrued.

Basically what I am saying is pick and airline and maximize every miles opportunity they offer.

Have fun, shop, eat good food and get free tickets. Sounds like a good plan to me.

– a

Where Do I Put My Drink?

27 01 2007 has these nifty Street Sign Coasters that your guests will go wild for. These stylish coasters are independently handmade from salvaged American street signs and carefully finished and sealed by hand.