Back in Seat 1A

12 07 2007

I’m packed and ready to go! Okay, let’s be honest, I never actually unpacked, I just pulled my dirty clothes out and washed them but regardless, I will be getting on a Chicago bound plane in the morning.

On the agenda: Irazu Oatmeal Shake (in case I haven’t mentioned this 1000 times, nothing compares), Millenium Park, the Pitchfork Music Festival and Flosstradamus / Chromeo afterparty, the Beach (aka Lake Michigan) and whatever other adventure I can find!
This will be my first time (I think ever) flying United. I will try my best to keep you posted!


SXSW – 5 Shows Not To Miss

12 03 2007

With the music portion of SXSW just about to kick into full gear, I thought I would highlight some of the artists I would see if I had actually made it there… [There are so many amazing bands this was way harder to compile than I thought it would be…]

Matt & Kim

1 – Matt & KimThursday, March 15 – 11:30pm at Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th Street
Ok, its clearly no secret that I am a huge Matt & Kim fan. You just have to love them and their high energy performances. They are the epitome of what house shows and making music because it makes you happy is all about. Check out their website


2 – Flosstradamus Friday, March 16 – 9:45pm at Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th Street
I won’t even try to pretend here…. Curt from Flosstradamus is a friend and Markus’ roommate but regardless, I wouldn’t miss this show even if he was a complete stranger. This will be another high-energy, 100% fun show. Check out their myspace page.


3 – CruiserweightThursday, March 15th – 11pm at Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto Street
A modern day Partridge family where sibling rivalry doesn’t seem to exist. Stella’s voice proves the powerful, upbeat ringer. Check out their website.

Architecture in Helsinki

4 – Architecture in Helsinki Thursday, March 15th – 11pm at LaZona Rosa, 612 W 4th Street

Drawing upon a variety of sounds, straddling indie, pop and electronic to create a distinctive, exciting, energetic show. Check out their website.

The Gaskets

5 – The GasketsSaturday, March 17th – 8pm at Blender Bar at the Ritz, 320 E 6th Street
A Richmond favorite that promises to “rock you like a hurricane.” – Visit their website at

Tell me your top 5… the line up can be seen on the SXSW website.

Should Have Been There

2 03 2007

The perfect remedy for those who always seem to be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to live shows, BeeThere is the newest way to make sure you never miss your favorite bands. BeeThere allows you to enter your favorite bands or even load the artist names from your iPod. They then scour the web searching for tour dates for you an will notify you in time to get tickets. And best of all, its free. Another great website that makes you ask, “why didn’t someone think of this before?”

Avant vous voyage

21 02 2007

Before you travel, iTunes has a whole section of podcasts devoted to language. Download Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Italian for free… by the time you arrive at your destination, you should at least know the basics.

What a Monday!

5 02 2007

I came in to the office today to a fresh copy of Launchpad Magazine featuring Destination!

AND, I was already in a good mood because I listened to Matt & Kim on the way to work!







R.I.P. Disco D

23 01 2007

Growing up in St. Louis, I had the music of Chicago and Detroit filter downed to me threw friends older siblings. I was a teenager in the late nineties, when electronic music was most popular in the US. I lived on the outskirts of the rich neighborhood, nestled in between the culture clash of poor white folks and poor ethnic minorities. Even though I was heavy into punk culture I still had the neighborhood influence of rap and hip hop. Spilling into this influence was ghetto-tech, techno music with the urban feel and themes. Today, I want to acknowledge the loss of one of legends of this form of music… Disco D.

Basically, Disco D is a man who accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. He realeased records and had dj residencies in clubs before he was even 18 years old, he went on to recording music for hip-hop and R&B acts like Trick Daddy, Spank Rock, Nina sky and Lil’ Flip.Heres a link to Urb Magazine blog that goes a little more in depth: HERE …. markus g

Desert Sounds

22 01 2007

There are those times where every blog you read is blogging about the same thing. Take that iphone for example. I hate to be one of those bloggers especially on my introductory post but here it is any way. This year’s Coachella.
Coachella is the music fest that kicks off all other music fest. It pretty much has all the acts that were the big buzz last year and all the acts people will be talking about this year. It also has mostly something for everyone. If you can afford the tickets, the airfare, the hotel, the food then do it. If not just write down the names of the flyer search myspace music or amazon or itunes and keep your eyes open in your local venues. These are the bands worth mentioning this year. Also check it out, Rage against the machine, jesus and mary chain, ghostface….
-markus g