Really Cruel or Really Thoughtless…

26 06 2007

Eerie Feeling. I don’t know if Delta Airlines is aware of it but their boarding music today while I was getting on my flight from Atlanta to Seattle was the theme music from the HBO series Six Feet Under. I am sure that was really comforting to anyone that may have been afraid to fly. Was it a joke? An oversite?

I do have to give Delta some credit though. I an attempt to gain a market advantage, they have made a few minor changes and are expected to place monitors in all of their seat head rests so everyone can clearly view the in-flight movie. In addition, and perhaps the thing I a the most excited about, Delta has teamed up with Randy Gerber of Midnight Oil Campany to create what they call Midnight Sky, a new signature cocktail program exclusivly for Delta.

I can’t wait to try the "Mile High Mojito", a passion fruit mojito. 


Always Connected – The Good and The Bad.

12 06 2007

Don’t get me wrong, I am a multi-tasker that’s completely addicted to the internet. My computer is always on and when I am away from home I have my handy Cingular 8525 (which, by the way, I love more than any other SmartPhone/PDA I have had) in my hand. The thought of being “unconnected” leaves me with an uneasy queasy feeling inside.

Well, Avis has just introduced WIFI service throughout it’s United States fleet of cars. For a small daily fee, anyone renting a car can surf the internet no matter where they are. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can see the usefulness in the service. I really like that it can be removed from the car and used in your hotels room or wherever else you might end up and I can think of many times while riding along with someone where being able to send some emails or look at Google maps would have been a fantastic amenity but I just can’t fully accept that this is a good thing.

In the back of my mind, I imagine someone driving down a congested highway, checking their MySpace page or stock quotes instead of paying attention to the road ahead. This makes cell phone usage while driving seem so easy. Its a great concept and good technology but Avis has no way of controlling the driver’s responsibility for safety and it seems like it would have a much better place on Amtrak or Greyhound.

I honestly do believe that Avis is trying harder, I just fear for what’s to come. What do you think?

Save on Airfare with Farecast

26 03 2007

We’ve all been there… that crucial moment when your are about to hit the “buy my tickets now” button and you think to yourself “will the price go down if I wait?”. Its a horrible feeling to think that you could potentially be overpaying for a flight. Every flight I take, I look around wondering who paid the most for the flight and …gasp… who paid less than I did. We’re on the same flight… why do the airlines do this to us?

Well, a handy site called Farecast is here to help with their free fare prediction service. You enter where you are going and when and their site will predict where ares are going and where they have been for more that 75 home airports.

The Fare Prediction shows if the lowest fare is rising or dropping over the next seven days for the specific dates and cities searched. Each predictions shows whether the fare will rise, fall or stay the same. It will show you their confidence level in the prediction and will also recommend if you should buy your ticket at that time.

Subway the World

5 03 2007

Most subway systems have free subway maps available for you as you arrive at the platform but if you are a planner and like to have the information before you set foot out the door, travel site has put together a great resource of printable subway maps from all over the world.
This site has all of the major American cities along with the subways in Asia, Austrailia, Africa and Europe and could prove to be a useful travel planning resource. Find them here.

Not Your Typical Airline Food

23 02 2007

There are a million, zillion airline miles programs out there. Pick an airline and run with it. Years ago I picked USAirways as my preferred airlines. Not because they were superior in service or anything but I found myself traveling with them the most … so I picked them – it wasn’t really an educated choice but it works.Anyways, USAirways has all sorts of programs available. The newest one that I found gives me miles when I use my debit card (or and card i designate) at participating restaurants. The best thing is, they have a ton of restaurants in their program so I don’t have to choose my dining experience on who will give me miles. Instead, I use my debit card every time I eat out and at the end of the month I am delightfully surprised at how many miles I have automatically accrued.

Basically what I am saying is pick and airline and maximize every miles opportunity they offer.

Have fun, shop, eat good food and get free tickets. Sounds like a good plan to me.

– a

Breeze Through Security

22 02 2007

With all the hub-bub TSA puts us through, getting through security can be a royal pain. has come up with a patented Scanner Bag™ designed to make that security debacle a little easier. In short, Scanner Bag™ is an at-the-ready stuff holder for all of that stuff you have to take off and take out of your pockets at security. No longer will you have to rush to find one of those plastic dishes or somewhere else to stash it all for its ride down the scanner belt.And, when your stuff emerges from the scanner at the other end, you won’t have to rush to put everything back where it should be.

One word: brilliant.

Avant vous voyage

21 02 2007

Before you travel, iTunes has a whole section of podcasts devoted to language. Download Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Italian for free… by the time you arrive at your destination, you should at least know the basics.